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Nginx 1.0.13 稳定版正式发布

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nginx(发音同engine x)是一款由俄罗斯程序员Igor Sysoev所开发轻量级的网页服务器、反向代理服务器以及电子邮件(IMAP/POP3)代理服务器。起初是供俄国大型的门户网站及搜索引擎Rambler(俄语:Рамблер)使用。此软件BSD-like协议下发行,可以在UNIX、GNU/Linux、BSD、Mac OS X、Solaris,以及Microsoft Windows等操作系统中运行。

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Changes with nginx 1.0.13                                        05 Mar 2012

    *) Feature: the “return” and “error_page” directives can now be used to
       return 307 redirections.

    *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process if the
       “resolver” directive was used and there was no “error_log” directive
       specified at global level.
       Thanks to Roman Arutyunyan.

    *) Bugfix: memory leaks.
       Thanks to Lanshun Zhou.

    *) Bugfix: nginx might log incorrect error “upstream prematurely closed
       connection” instead of correct “upstream sent too big header” one.
       Thanks to Feibo Li.

    *) Bugfix: on ZFS filesystem disk cache size might be calculated
       incorrectly; the bug had appeared in 1.0.1.

    *) Bugfix: the number of internal redirects to named locations was not

    *) Bugfix: temporary files might be not removed if the “proxy_store”
       directive was used with SSI includes.

    *) Bugfix: in some cases non-cacheable variables (such as the $args
       variable) returned old empty cached value.

    *) Bugfix: the “proxy_redirect” directives might be inherited

    *) Bugfix: nginx could not be built with the ngx_http_perl_module if the
       –with-openssl option was used.

    *) Bugfix: nginx could not be built by the icc 12.1 compiler.

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